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“Welcome to the Train Hard Live Strong Podcast where we strive to inspire people to believe in themselves, what they’re capable of, and fulfilling their ultimate potential. I am your host, Coach Matt, and on this show I will bring you the greatest fitness influencers, world known athletes, high performing business owners, top rated coaches, medical experts, and people who have gone through dramatic transformations, but most importantly knowledge, experience, answers, and the raw truth for you to achieve great success for your health, fitness, business, and more. If you have questions, we will answer them, and if you’re feeling lost, we will help you find your way. “Never Accept Defeat” - Coach Matt/Athletic Beings

Inspirational Guest Speakers

Previous Empowering Guest Speakers

Sharing their stories, faults, strengths, and obstacles in life they had to overcome to inspire you

Business woman and habits/lifestyle coach diagnosed with epilepsy. Cherishing each day of life given and always giving it her 100%.

Oklohoma girl turned into fitness model. Cover model for multiple magazines, owner of Fitin5 challange, the fitness legend, paige Hathaway.

Health and Lifestyle coach specializing in being in tuned with how you feel over how you look!

Doctor of physical therapy and a vegetarian powerlifter pouring her passion into helping people amplify their knowledge of their body!

Inspirational Guest Speakers

Future Empowering Guest Speakers

Sharing their stories, faults, strengths, and obstacles in life they had to overcome to inspire you

A posing coach, passionate competitor and coach striving to help others view and achieve their greatest self.

• PhD | Pharmacology |UNC Chapel Hill

• Medical School Faculty & Senior Admin

• Multinational 🇦🇷 🇵🇪 🇬🇧🇺🇸

• Strength training | Health & Fitness

An outstanding coach teaching young kids how to be strong, healthy, and be the greatest they can be.

A weight loss that consisted of 145lbs dropped! Insane transformation!

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